Judicious decisions and Vypeen Island

Judicious decisions have portrayed the beauty of the Vypeen Island. It has happened in different context. Justice Krishna Iyer, Justice Janaki Amma and Justice Sukumaran have dealt with the fiscal features of the island in the back drop of a tragedy which feels the peoples sides with un-ending tears.

Justice Krishna Iyer and Sukumaran dealt with the island, the narrow roads and the criss-crossing canals and surrounding back waters, with the refreshing greenery furnished by well nurtured coconut palms. (The decisions are reported in ………………………….. Vs ……………………………)

Justice Janaki Amma had to deal with greater tragedy, known to the legal world as the Vypeen Liquor Tragedy. Janaki Amma’s decision resulted in conviction of many who profiteered from cooling brew having a poisonous blend. See …….. The decision was affirmed by the Supreme Court; not only affirmation, notice was issued for enhancement of the punishment. The reply was found unsatisfactory. The accuseds had to undergo punishment of an enormously enlarged period. One who had been acquitted has also to go behind the bars. The richest among them, with a chargeable disposition in days of his prosperity, did not survive the jail term.

Allied thoughts quite often helped bounding together associated ideas. Vypeen island has a credit of social revolution which could be remembered in the company of the epoch making judicial decisions. That is the tenuous excuse for interpolating details which are otherwise supremely relevant in the narration of the revolutionary events of a social revolutionary.
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